Making mask clips

We were recently contacted by a good friend, who also happens to be an RN in our local hospital. She asked if we'd be able to produce some of these mask clips, which help to prevent the ears of our medical professionals from becoming irritated by wearing a mask.

It's not within our means to produce precision medical instruments like a ventilator. We were thrilled to fire up the laser cutter to produce these for our local medical professionals. 

However, when we posted to our DIY Craft Supplies site on Facebook, we were humbled by the response. Lots of people wanted them and in the blink of an eye orders started coming in. Just amazing! You all are some wonderful people!


We are opening our shop early so that you can order our mask clips! We posted these in one of our groups on Facebook and got a great response. We're excited about these and want to make them available to more people.

Each clip is engraved with "SUPERHEROES WEAR MASKS".  

Please be patient as we build out the rest of our site. Yes, there are some categories that don't have products yet and others need more. We'll refine these as time goes on. We just thought it was far more important to make these mask clips available to you! 

 You amaze use - medical professionals, grocery workers, everyone working hard in these times and you crafters too! 

Michael & Suzette

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