Creations 101, Inc. specializes in personalized gifts for the consumer and is owned and operated by two US Veterans. In 2014, Creations 101 was created to give us a single entity to represent the best hand crafted gift items that we know how to make.

We have been selling personalized gifts on Etsy for the last 5+ years. We are proud to be within the top 1% of Etsy sellers on both our Mug Doodles and our Twisted Crafters Etsy stores.  With over 10,000 sales and over 1,500 rave reviews, we felt that it was time for Creations 101 to have its own address on the web. From the simple beginnings, we have continued to evolve and our brands now include: Mug Doodles, Twisted Crafters, Twisted Stickers, DIY Craft Supplies, Banners by Mike and of course Creations 101.

Here on Creations 101, you'll find a unique offering of gifts for almost any occasion.  We offer the full product line of Twisted Crafters™, Twisted Stickers™ and Mug Doodles™, DIY Craft Supplies and special items for brides, grooms, weddings, birthdays, pregnancy reveals, and just about any other special event.

If you can't find what you're interested in, we invite you to contact us directly to inquire about having us create a personalized gift specifically for you.

Michael & Suzette
(262) 388-9505